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Privacy Policy

Agreements regarding the management of personal information and the collection of personal information
The personal information is collected and used as the following policies. SAMYANG METAL IND. CO., LTD(referred to ‘corporation’ from on) collects only the personal information related to the following purposes, and promise that we will protect and manage the collected information transparently and safely. We ask for agreements on the collection and the usage of personal information.

1. The purpose of collecting and using the personal information
ㆍThis is the contact verification process to give replies to contacts.
ㆍThe collected information is used only for answers.

2. Information to be collected
ㆍMandatory information: name, e-mail, contact, inquiry
ㆍOptional information: attachments

3. Period of retention and usage
Fundamentally, we discard the information after collecting the personal information and achieving the purpose. However, the following information are maintained for the given period.
ㆍReasons for retention: Spreading of false information
ㆍretention period: discard after the solving of disputes

4. The rights to refuse agreements, and disadvantages in refusing the agreement
The agreement on collection and the usage of the above personal information is fundamental to replies regarding the inquiries, and inquiries are registered only when the above is agreed, and you can receive replies only after you agree to the terms. The user has the rights to not agree to the personal information management policies. However, registration of inquiries is impossible unless agreed to.

5. Personal information management director
ㆍName: Jinmin Seo
ㆍTel: +82-51-325-6700

※ We cannot give you a reply if you enter false information.